Worship of Tools Day

Today is worship of tools day. There are a lot of tools for people to choose from. However the tools I use the most are in the kitchen. Here are a couple list of couple of tools that I consider essential in my kitchen.

My frying pan of choice is the 12inch lodge cast iron skillet. I use this at least 3 times a week. It’s large enough for my family, and cooks very well. It can even be used in the oven. I have several lodge skillets, when cooking smaller amounts I use the 8 inch one instead. If you treat these right, they will last forever.
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There are several recipes for which I require a food slicer. It is difficult to slice food consistently and thinly. I use a chef’s choice meat slicer because it’s inexpensive. I use it for making cottage fries, homemade bacon, shwarma, phillies, and Banh Mi. I have a large family so I need to cut the meat in two sets. This model will overheat after about 2 lbs of frozen meat. Which is sufficient for most families. However we often cook for 10+ people, so I need to let it cool after 2 lbs. I’ve overheated it many times, it includes a thermal cut off switch, which means, I don’t damage when it gets too hot, it simply shuts itself off. I use this slicer several times a month, and have had it for several years, and would recommend it as a good first slicer.
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Every kitchen needs a mixer, mine is no exception. I have a large kitchen aid mixer. It serves me well, and it is used very often. My only complaints are the motor is a little smaller than I would like, and the gears in the modern ones are now plastic instead of metal. It can handle bread dough up to about 5 cups easily. After that, you have to be careful not to overheat it. Although it does have an overheating sensor to turn it off, it does seem to get damaged when it overheats. If not overheated these will also last a lifetime.
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