Which eggs to get?

Which color egg is better? If its easter, the white ones, they can be dyed better. There’s very little difference in the eggs. The most popular breed of layer in the U.S. is the Leghorn which produces white eggs. Rhode Island Reds, Orphington, and plymouth rock, are among the most popular birds after Leghorns, these all produce Brown and reddish eggs. The Ameraucana and Araucana breeds of chickens both produce pink, green and blue eggs.
It’s best not to wash the eggs until the last moment. Water seeps through the egg shell, and can crack the egg. This would allow salmonella and other bacteria to get into the egg. Eggs left out on the counter can only last a week. However eggs can last up to 2 months if properly refrigerated . The age of an egg can be determined by the texture of the white. As eggs age both the white and yolk become more liquidy the older they get. A fresh egg will have the white stand tall, when removed from the shell. An older egg’s white, well spread much wider and not retain it’s shape. Commercial eggs are between 1 week to 45 days old when purchased at the store.
Must eggs be cooked? If an egg has salmonella, this is only practical way to kill it in most recipes. However even if a chicken infected with salmonella, it doesn’t always produce eggs that are infected. Only 1 egg in 200,000 is infected, currently in the United States. However the CDC said that in 1997 tainted eggs caused 90 deaths, and 200,000 illnesses. So salmonella is something that should be considered when preparing your eggs. Cooking also makes the egg more digestible, which means it allows you to get more calories from the egg. Heating the egg alters some of the cholesterol in the yolk. The cholesterol oxidizes, which many Nutritionists consider to be more dangerous than regular cholesterol. Recently the amount of cholesterol in eggs has been reduced to 185mg. It used to be 216 mg. This negates some of the advantage that home raised eggs once had. This is probably because of better feed and conditions.
According to motherearthnews.com, home raised eggs, can have cholesterol as low as 115mg, but on average it’s about 158mg. The amount of cholesterol in your diet may have a fairly limited impact on your blood cholesterol levels. Your liver provides up to 6 times more cholesterol than you ingest. Some recent studies suggest that cholesterol in foods, has little affect upon your cholesterol levels. Diets high in saturated fat can increase your blood cholesterol, but a large egg yolk contain less than 2 grams of saturated fat. In fact, there is actually more healthy monounsaturated fats in an egg yolk than saturated fat.
Should you eat the yolk. The yolk has almost all of the nutritional value. Half the protein is in the yolk. All the fat is in yolk. It also contains all of the choline, approximately half of the recommended daily intake. Some studies suggest when dieting that eating the yolk can help weight loss. The egg white though has little value for weight loss, and very few nutrients. The egg white is composed of protein and water. All of the egg’s vitamin A, D, and E are in the egg yolk. The egg is one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D. Here is a list of all the vitamins and nutrients in an egg, Choline,Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Vitamin E, Selenium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium.
So which eggs should you buy? For total value, the cheapest eggs at the store can’t be beat. I wouldn’t recommend organic eggs in general they are significantly more expensive with little additional value for that cost. If you have a soy allergy obviously you need to get soy free eggs. If the treatment of chickens is important to you, only buy from small local farms. If you want to maximize Omega 3’s the local farm is you best choice. The most nutritious eggs, are from your local small farmer. Whichever egg you buy it will probably be delicious, and nearly identical to all the other eggs. If you only eat the egg whites, it makes no difference which eggs you get because almost all the nutrition of an egg is in the yolk. However I would suggest if your only going to eat one part of the egg make it the yolk, the white is empty calories, with the yolk having all the real value.

By the way, scientists have determined the egg came first.

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