Superman OTR

If you’ve read earlier posts, you are probably aware that I’ve started listening to old radio programs. A number of them are quite good. I’m now onto the adventures of superman. It’s interesting listening to these. Superman was a little different. In the beginning there are no super powered enemies. One of his biggest adversaries is the yellow mask, whom I don’t think even made it to the comics. This guy was a thief, smuggler and murderer, but was an ordinary man. He also wasn’t as much of a boy scout. He allowed people to die, and showed little remorse for villains that perished. He kept superman secret from everyone. He ridiculed people for believing in a flying man, a super man. Eventually he admitted that superman was real, when aboard a clipper ship.
He was also smarter. Not as smart as batman perhaps. These stories are all detective stories. He tried not to use his superman abilities unless absolutely necessary. He was a capable detective, finding the evil doers. He never used his complete abilities. This maybe because his only powers then were strength, speed, enhanced eyesight, durability, and flight. He didn’t have x-ray vision, because he complained he couldn’t see through things. He didn’t seem to use super breath to put out fires.
In some ways I prefer the older less powerful superman, but you can make your own mind up.
Here is a link to superman otr on superman otr

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