OTR X Minus 1

I’ve only recently realized the amount of stuff that’s public domain. On archive.org you can find all sorts of music, radio shows, comics, books, and even movies. From the 50’s there was X minus 1, it was a great radio show. I downloaded and listened to every episode. One thing that you notice while listening, is the style of science fiction. The first season, has very dark science fiction, aliens are bad, the world is on the brink of destruction. But after the first season there is a very noticible shift in style. The world is suddenly a bright happy place, the stories have a twing of silliness. Researching the show I found out the cause of this shift. The first season was a remake of an older show called Dimension X. Then the later episodes were the more modern 60’s style sci-fi. I prefered the first season, it seemed a little too silly later. But the show is great and highly recommended. I’m going to continue looking through the archive for more old radio shows. I’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for reading. Below is the first episode of the show, enjoy.
Moon be Still and Bright

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