Bought an Atari 7800

I’ve played videogames, since I was little. I’ve always been fascinated with them. I played my 2600 until about 94. Then put it away for about 10 years. When I was a kid I remember when my 2600 broke, and my dad took me to the game store. They had both the 7800 and 2600. The 7800 was 100, and the 2600 was 50. So I got the 2600, and wireless controllers. Looking back, I should have gotten the 7800. We ended up returning the wireless joysticks, they were terrible, and got mario bros instead. For a while I had been thinking of picking up a 7800. Months ago, me and my wife were at walmart on black friday. We plan bf every year and camp out, at the stores. We went to walmart in the morning, after a couple other stores. I was walking to the toys section. When I overheard someone on another aisle, say they had a 7800 they wanted to sell. I ran around the corner, and asked the two employees, they said another person had said it who just walked away. So I ran around the corner and found her. She told me she had a 7800, that she got as a child. It had about 50 games, and a couple controllers. I gave her my number, and she put it in her phone memory. I didn’t take hers. I found my wife in a little bit, and told her I gave a girl my number. Which of course, elicited a not very friendly look on her face. I told her about the girl selling the atari. We went home, I expected a call the next day or so, she had she needed to unpack it. After about a week, I gave up, and began kicking myself for not taking down her info. I never expected to hear from her again. I kept thinking about the atari. Even in December I was annoyed with myself, for not getting her number, I went to the walmart a few times, but never ran across her. I looked on ebay a few times, almost buying one. Then about 3 weeks ago in April, I got a text that asked if I was still interested. I said sure how much did she want. She replied back 50, but I was busy and didn’t get back to her for about an hour. She texting me again, saying am I still interested, and she’d take 40. I said, when can I pick it up. The next day I drove to her place, and picked it up. There were about 40 2600 games, and a dozen 7800, with about 4 controllers.

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  1. That rocks, I want one…

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